Emperor Norton's Ministry Of Information

I, Norton I, Emperor of These United States, call on my subjects to stand up!

Location: San Francisco, California, United States

Monday, October 02, 2006

Entropyblues Promoted to Head of Ministry

Greetings Loyal Subjects. By your voice, Entropyblues has hereby been elected Head of Ministry and shall take command of this esteemed post immediately. I will be in contact with Entropyblues shortly to provide my guidance on matters of great importance.

I would also like to recognize Citizen Kane for the valiant effort of participation. Unfortunately this election was open only to those who previously enrolled in the Ministry. But fear not! If you should desire to continue participation in the great works of the Ministry, contact Entropyblues directly to determine if open positions are available.


Voting Day

Members of the Ministry of Public Assessment! Today I call upon you vote for your leader. Vote by attaching a non anonymous comment to this topic that identifies your choice. You may not vote for yourself. Additionally, remember that only current members of this Ministry can vote.

The alphabet will decide ties by first name.

Voting closes today at 5:00 PM San Francisco time.