Emperor Norton's Ministry Of Information

I, Norton I, Emperor of These United States, call on my subjects to stand up!

Location: San Francisco, California, United States

Monday, September 11, 2006


I, Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico do hereby state my position and set forth my goals.

These United States have been led astray. Those who claim power retain it only through the apathy of the general public. Citizens: set aside petty arguments and squabbles! Ignore false debates created by the oppressive few and demand real answers to real problems.

Returning this Grand Nation to its rightful place in the world is my sole purpose. After careful thought and consideration, I recognize that this is only possible through the action of the people. I claim power, not as a new oppressor, but as a uniting force. I can only point the way. It is you that must take action.

This process will be long. It will only be successful when you encourage your peers to join. We shall start here and now, in this Fine City and build outward. Demonstrate to this city, state and nation that the public will no longer sit idle.

Return here often. This forum shall be my platform. But it is you who can best inform the World.

Today we begin the process to reclaim this Grand Nation from the few!


Blogger Norton I said...

Spread the word, my subjects. Be the first to reach the newspaper stands at Market and Battery to obtain copies of the Proclamation. Distribute them wisely.

11:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I vow my fealty, liege. Send us forth to do your bidding.

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your intentions have rung true with me. I await your further words.

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Jack the Hat said...

someone close sent me on the "clues" found on strawberry hill in golden gate park. My observations:

All these photos seems contemporary and here in california.

The rice field looks like the delta with the tall eucalyptus in the background.

The asian kid has a wristwatch and the housing in the back looks very american.

The train although 19th century has no driver visable and is not on any track bed so it must be in a train museum somewhere.

The key-China is the key- if we're going for the obvious.

These are termed "topics" so I'm not sure if we're trying to find a physical location.

Considering cornering the rice market is what drove Norton over the edge-I would think that 19th century rice cultivation and export in California would be the road to take.

The only other thought I have is perhaps the next clue is in China Basin, next to the Train Station at 4th St.

Anyway, I've always considered Norton the city's first beloved homeless character. Unfortunately there are hundreds of Nortons on the street today, far to many to be considered colorful or lovable.

Let me know if I was close.

Jack the Hat

1:31 PM  

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